James stands in his garden holding a tool.

James is a retired veteran and an urban farmer in Richmond, Virginia. He grows collard greens, grapes, and other crops for donation to local churches and others in the community. James has had multiple knee surgeries which have made it difficult for him to kneel and stoop. When AgrAbility Virginia staff came for a site visit in Spring of 2021, they learned more about Jame's operation and made recommendations for ergonomic tools based on their observations. The tools allow James to stand up while working, and reduce kneeling, stooping, and twisting. Staff were able to help James find funding and were able to help him write a grant that allowed him buy the recommended tools. More information about ergonomic tools is available in our publication 'Assistive Technologies to Improve Safety & Accessibility on Small Scale Diversified Vegetable Farms & Home Gardens.' The interlocking, lightweight, and ergonomic tools we recommended to James are listed in the publication. You can learn more about the tools and see James's operation in the video below.

AgrAbility Virginia is currently working with James to help him identify an appropriate add-on step for his tractor which would allow him to get up and down in an easier and safer way.