Ron, with his wife, Susie, runs a large greenhouse and potting operation raising thousands of flowers for wholesale. They also raise about 40 cows/calves. Ron had a stroke in February of 2014, the result of a fall, while attending to his cattle. He had significant impairment on his right side making walking, standing, and the use of his right arm very difficult. Ron spent several months residing at Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC), part of the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), where he received excellent services. Through the assistance of Sonya Gasser (OT), Greta Nelson (PT), Tracy Topolosky (Counselor), Mike Seitz (DARS-AT), Raymond Matthews (DARS), and Dave Law (DARS-Rehab Engineer and Fabricator), Ron was able to get back home and get back to work! Modifications were made in his home and to his pickup truck. But the most significant modifications were made to a recently purchased M6800-Kubota. Using “off the shelf” parts, Dave Law was able to construct a lift attached to the Kubota, allowing Ron to lift himself to a level where he could transfer into the tractor cab. Inside the cab, Dave made modifications allowing Ron to be able to use the steering wheel, gear shift, brakes, and clutch safely and effectively; the tractor seat was moved back to create more room in the cab and Dave is still working on a lift to get Ron in his box truck so he can be a passenger on flower deliveries. Steve Bridge was the AgrAbility Service Coordinator for this case.