Mojdeh and Robert run a twenty-seven acre produce farm in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Mojdeh is challenged by sciatic nerve problems in her lower back and degenerative disc disease, significant arthritis in her knees, and diabetes. Robert suffers from ilioinguinal nerve entrapment causing severe pain and arthritis in his left knee. For both Mojdeh and Robert, standing, squatting, lifting, and excessive sitting and walking are often very challenging. Because they lacked a gardening irrigation system, they needed to water their crops by hand and endured additional pain.

  • AgrAbility Virginia’s Service Coordinators, Joe Young, was able to assist them in connecting with Virginia State University.
  • Virginia State University Small Farm Outreach program granted Robert and Mojdeh a grant for a drip irrigation system that was installed by Virginia State.
  • AgrAbility Virginia also recommended that they purchase a rolling cart and hand tools to use while working their crops which will reduce the stress on their backs and knees.
  • Robert and Mojdeh reported the garden cart and irrigation system have increased their labor ability by 50% and their produce production by 30%