Clif is a retired U.S. military veteran farmer from Surry County, Virginia.  He endured a range of aliments including muscle strain in his upper shoulder and neck and nerve damage in his right leg providing him with only 75% functioning capacity. Clif has had two back surgeries and must now wear a foot-drop prosthetic. He has trouble with lifting, walking, bending, stooping, and mounting and dismounting his tractor.

  • AgrAbility Virginia referred him to the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) who assessed Clif’s situation and recommended extending the handles on his hand tools.
  • DARS rehab engineers modified the wooden handles and attached machined aluminum tubing that extended the tool handles without decreasing the strength or significantly increasing the weight of the handles.
  • The aluminum tubing was provided by the Assistive Technology Fund of Easter Seals UCP.

Prior to the modifications, Clif was only able to work three beds now he can work four beds within the same timeframe. He says his modified tool handles have resulted in a 25% production increase and reduced pain.

Clif now serves on the AgrAbility Virginia Advisory Group.

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