Meet some of the farmers who have worked with AgrAbility Virginia! 

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Clif stands in a field holding a long handled tool
Retired military veteran farmer Clif increased his production capacity with the use of adapted tools.
Photo of a farmer standing in front of a walk-behind tractor with a buddy cart full of wood attached.
Diversified vegetable farmer Karen reduced back strain by adding ergonomic tools, anti-fatigue mats, and a cart for her walk-behind tractor.
Terrie stands holding up a long handled tool with an added horizontal handle
Beginning flower farmer Terrie benefited from adapted tools and received recommendations about new techniques and help with production planning after a stroke.
James stands in his garden holding a tool.
Urban farmer James was able to find ergonomic tools to use in his large garden that allow him to work without twisting, stooping, or kneeling.
Raymond drives through a field on an all terrain vehicle with a goat on his left
Goat farmer Raymond received support on his business plan and identifying funding for a mobility aid.
Vegetable farmers Mojdeh and Robert got connected with a grant opportunity and received recommendations for their irrigation system.
Ron sits and smiles in an action trackchair (an all terrain motorized wheelchair fitted with tracks)
Flower and cattle farmer Ron was recommended multiple equipment modifications and benefited from the addition of a tractor lift.
Alvin Blaha using a hydraulic platform lift to access the cab of his International 2555 Cotton Picker
Cotton farmer Alvin gained access to his cotton picker using a platform lift designed by the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) in partnership with AgrAbility Virginia.
Hunter stands in front of a round bale on a trailer
Cattle and turkey farmer Hunter benefited from assistive technology and a prosthesis to help him keep farming after his stroke.
David sits on his tractor smiling
Beef cattle farmer David installed two automatic gate openers with support from AgrAbility staff. The openers allow him to move between pastures without dismounting from his tractor.